♪ Kurihara re-discovery.
Shigeru Taira gun(Semine town cattle Fuchi)
Photos : Duck and salmon swam the Bucheon

Once upon a time, cow Fuchi semine town as "flat," Grandpa "gun out master" but lived.

When one day, in Bucheon nearby shot the "Duck" with 1 ball hit three ducks.

Is Grandpa Shigeru Taira into the River, grab a duck, goes up to the other side and in the grass.

Jerks the rabbit was running. Duck bullets also hit this rabbit,

At the feet of the "rabbit" struggled to get free, big mountain Yam is dug is not was is likely.

Think back now, the mompe heavy and cannot move easily.

When looking across the River, there was lots of shrimp.

Shigeru Taira Grandpa with 1 ball took so many seems increasingly improve its name

♪ again, "meijin" is different from(^-^)