The photo shows the "Kunimizaka" leading to "Orikiyama"

♪ Kurihara re-discovery.
Pine urasa teen Princess(Takashimizu-Cho, oriki)
(The legend of the Kurihara Sugawara Yuki by more)

Once upon a time, when natural disasters continued every year in Isawa Village in Iwate Prefecture and we were in trouble,

There was a message to the elder of this village, "Kamon".

"Every year, a big swamp in the village(The god of the swamp is a snake.)Give a beautiful daughter."

When a shopper came to Fukushima in search of his daughter, he met Princess Sayo Matsuura.

The princess was the only daughter of the eldest man, but her father died and her life was becoming difficult.

"Princess Matsuura Sayo" did not see her sickly mother, so she decided to go to Iwate, and on the way she came to Takashimizu.

At that time, there was a small pond in the field west of Zenkoji Temple, and the princess reflected her appearance on the surface of the water and combed her hair.

Later, this pond came to be called "Kagagaike".

When crossing the mountain behind "Ito Ham", the slope where I looked back towards Fukushima many times with a slight remark of Kosato is "Kunimizaka".

When going up Kunimizaka, I broke a "tree branch" as a landmark on the way back and placed it on the roadside.
It is said that it was named "Orikiyama".

When Princess Sayo arrived in Iwate and a large snake appeared, she took out a sutra from her bosom and began to read it intently.

It is said that the snake's body became smaller as it looked at it, ascended to heaven and disappeared.

After that, the disaster in the village subsided, and Princess Sayo was able to return to Fukushima, where her mother was waiting.

♪♪♪ Medetashi, Medetashi(^_^)

***From the Edo Japan Bridge to Mutsu-Shirakawa is the Oshu Highway. North of Shirakawa is Sendai Road, Matsumae Road.

"Matsumae Road" runs from Nanakita in Izumi Ward to Hakodate City, Hokkaido. (Ukchipedia)

It seems that there were Takashimizu-juku, Tsukidate-juku, Miyano-juku, Sawabe-juku, Kanari-juku, and Arikabe-juku respectively.

Kurihara has many post towns, so there are many legends~. ☆彡